1968 with Tom Brokaw / The year that everything changed (Dir. of Photography 2007)

Television news legend Tom Brokaw takes a penetrating retrospective look at 1968, a pivotal year in American history that saw the assassinations of MLK and RFK, the Tet Offensive, a sea change in pop culture and more. Including rare archival footage, recent interviews of key players and the perspective of four intervening decades, this provocative documentary brings to life the tragedies and triumphs of the sixties’ most memorable year. (source:netflix)

During the filming of this documentary I field testing the Panasonic HDX900. It was a hybrid camera that offered a superb optical block with both 720 and 1080 acquisitions. Rather comical now, it was groundbreaking at the time. It was during this production that I was introduced to my future business partner in Mozocam motion systems, Lee Dashiell.

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