MozoCam is Here!

Mozocam was developed by my colleague Lee Dashiell of OspreyHD. For years we have been trying to figure out a way to create limitless, gliding motion with no boundaries while using a small crew to cover a lot of ground. We were also looking to create something that bridged both the network and agency worlds visually. After much trial and error Lee found the impetus for Mozocam after renting a Segway in Miami while on a shoot last year.  Constantly striving to bring his imagery to a new level for his clients, he developed Mozocam using a modified handsfree Segway and a RED One camera. The result has been nothing short of amazing!

It only took a few shoots for clients to realize the potential of Mozocam. The commercial quality was there and everyone from agencies to Universities are taking notice. We now have two systems operating on the East coast with offices in South Carolina and Rhode Island. We are driving distance to anywhere on the east coast and of course we can fly just about anywhere else. As we continue to shoot over the next few months be sure to check back in to see our new reels!



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