TEACH and OMNI-Tracker

This spot was shot entirely on Warren Herndon’s Omni-tracker. Omni-tracker is one of the most innovative concepts that I have had the pleasure of using in years. It all began with a simple phone call. While researching the web for a dolly system that would allow me to arc and get low to the ground, for both subject and product work, I found Warren’s site for Omni-tracker. Warren was not only receptive to my ideas on how I wanted to use his product, he sent me out a heavy duty model to use right away with the RED One just to get some feedback. He is an innovative designer, an engineer and someone who understands that equipment in the field HAS to work. His invention changed not only the way that I think about motion in my image making, but reaffirmed my belief that we all need to keep creating new ways to do things better.

Thanks Warren!



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