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  • The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island

    The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island

    Mozocam does it again! Lee captured some beautiful imagery for our friends down at Kiawah Island last month. What Mozocam does better than any other production device on the market is capture limitless, fluid motion-digital cinema, in very little time. That was our whole goal during the development stages of Mozocam. We wanted to offer our clients a quick solution of “motion with film quality” without the time delays of a big crew and gear getting in the way?  Inside […]

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  • Providence and Pittsburgh with Mozocam

    Providence and Pittsburgh with Mozocam

    While testing a new suspension system with Mozocam I decided to shoot the two cities that I travel in between. These are a few selects from those tests. Enjoy.

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  • Mozocam in Harlem

    Mozocam in Harlem

    These are some selects taken from footage shot for the NBC special “Conviction”. The Mozocam is such an effective tool in an urban environment…that we just had to showcase it. All imagery was shot in RED Cinema. Enjoy!

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  • Sing Sing – long format 2012 EMMY nominee, Cinematography

    Sing Sing – long format 2012 EMMY nominee, Cinematography

    2012 EMMY Nominated for Cinematography!   About 4 months ago NBC had asked me to shoot with the Mozocam for their “Conviction” special.  Up until this point there had been very limited access granted for shooting the interiors of Sing Sing prison that sits about 20 miles north of NYC on the Hudson. Producer Dan Slepian had spent 10 years working on this story and wanted cinematic footage of the prison and other story elements. We made the most of […]

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  • MozoCam in Beaufort, SC

    MozoCam in Beaufort, SC

    Here is a new travel/tourism video that we did in historic Beaufort, SC for their commerce dept. This is a great example of how effective this process is when it comes to showcasing an environment that is as visually appealing as this National Landmark Historic community. Enjoy!

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  • MozoCam is Here!

    MozoCam is Here!

    Mozocam was developed by my colleague Lee Dashiell of OspreyHD. For years we have been trying to figure out a way to create limitless, gliding motion with no boundaries while using a small crew to cover a lot of ground. We were also looking to create something that bridged both the network and agency worlds visually. After much trial and error Lee found the impetus for Mozocam after renting a Segway in Miami while on a shoot last year.  Constantly striving to bring his […]

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