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  • Kermit the Frog – Note to Self

    Kermit the Frog – Note to Self

    Well, this was definitely a fun one. Producer Paige Kendig from CBS’ Note to Self series asked us to shoot with her in New York’s Central Park – with Kermit. What a fun experience. Everyone on the crew was 5 years old again for the day. Listen to Kermit as he gives you advice on learning through life’s lessons. Even If you don’t have kids, this will be a great one to share.   Photos below: Paige Kendig and Rob Klug […]

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  • Green Day – Broadway Idiot

    Green Day – Broadway Idiot

    Doug Hamilton’s eye-opening chronicle of the production of the Broadway musical “American Idiot” captures the frenetic and electrifying artistic energy of the cast and creative forces hard at work transforming Green Day’s “American Idiot” album from the sonic realm to the New York stage. Taking the cameras backstage and behind-the-scenes, Doug elevates the musical documentary genre to new heights, allowing the viewer the opportunity to see the nuts and bolts of the theater world from all sides. “Broadway Idiot” goes […]

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  • CK, Campaign Pitch

    CK, Campaign Pitch

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  • The Hunt for Mr. Wright

    The Hunt for Mr. Wright

    Our team at RFP was hired by “CBS 48 Hours” to create visual elements for a 50 year old murder case. This was an incredible project to be a part of. The first scene takes us to the year of the crime 1962 and the following scene (present day) was filmed at the actual abandoned gas station where the murder occurred. Please see The Hunt for Mr. Wright: cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=50136230n  

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  • Bottledbrooklyn


    Bottledbrooklyn is a Brooklyn based design company that creates household products that are Brooklyn inspired.

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  • The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island

    The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island

    Mozocam does it again! Lee captured some beautiful imagery for our friends down at Kiawah Island last month. What Mozocam does better than any other production device on the market is capture limitless, fluid motion-digital cinema, in very little time. That was our whole goal during the development stages of Mozocam. We wanted to offer our clients a quick solution of “motion with film quality” without the time delays of a big crew and gear getting in the way?  Inside […]

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  • Consultation / Promotions

    Consultation / Promotions

    For a span of almost four years I worked  as a Video Consultant / DP for Tisbury Tours and James Taylor.  My work included still photography for promotions, video documentation, editing and developing specialized camera applications for guitar work.  I worked exclusively with freelance producer Susan Dangel during this time and this edited video represents that collaboration.  This is only a sampling of my work from that time. An amazing experience.

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  • Vanity Fair

    Vanity Fair

    Producer Josh Gelman from 48 hours asked me to set the scene for this Vanity Fair / CBS collaboration.  He had chosen the Monkey Bar in NYC for it’s richness, ambiance and charm.  He wanted to film a dialogue between three Vanity Fair authors describing their most interesting stories. The feel was to be an after hours meeting of drinks and discussion between three colleagues.  I chose to post this quick collection of angles from the shoot as an example […]

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  • The Blog from Rob!

    The Blog from Rob!

    WOW! It’s June and summer is here…..finally! We are already off to a great start. Last month we began the summer with a quick trip to Greenwich, CT with our friends Pete Shaw and Lourdes Aguilar from 48 Hours for some beach stand-ups. We had Anthony Lenzo and his crew from ASL on board for jib and our usual (but outstanding) cast of characters crewing everything else . We brought the Mozocam chase vehicle onto the beach to help with […]

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  • Injustice Files, Discovery ID

    Injustice Files, Discovery ID

    About a year ago I met Keith Beauchamp, an award winning filmmaker searching for the truth in Mississippi. Keith is one of the most passionate people I know. He is tireless when it comes to researching unsolved mysterious deaths in the rural South.   The producer’s of his new series asked me to come up with a “look” for the recreations that they had to film revolving around Keith’s research and the deaths that had occurred in Mississippi. These were […]

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