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  • Tyler Perry – Note to Self

    Tyler Perry – Note to Self

    This reflective series produced by Paige Kendig asks celebrities to write a letter as a successful adult, to their 10 year old person. They are inspiring and introspective. All footage is captured with either Arri Alexa or RED cameras.

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  • Injustice Files – 2011 treatment

    Injustice Files – 2011 treatment

    This was the third sizzle reel that I had completed for Investigation Discovery’s series, “Injustice Files.”  My approach towards this third installment which again focuses on racial crimes in the state of Mississippi was to take a much grittier, filmic approach to shooting.  I wanted everything to have constant motion.  So, when shooting interviews I worked off of a dolly system and when shooting in the field, the camera was either harnessed to me or suspended from my body in […]

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  • Injustice Files, Discovery ID

    Injustice Files, Discovery ID

    About a year ago I met Keith Beauchamp, an award winning filmmaker searching for the truth in Mississippi. Keith is one of the most passionate people I know. He is tireless when it comes to researching unsolved mysterious deaths in the rural South.   The producer’s of his new series asked me to come up with a “look” for the recreations that they had to film revolving around Keith’s research and the deaths that had occurred in Mississippi. These were […]

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